I have a multidisciplinary approach to consulting and have been designing and developing digital products for more than a decade.

My focus is to create experiences that are easy to learn, effective in their use, and capable of providing a rewarding experience to those who use them. I believe this is achieved through the proper combination of creativity, technology, and strategy.

When I was completing my masters thesis in 2000, Human Computer Interaction or HCI was the field of study, rather than “user experience” or UX. Back then, the discipline was derived from software application interfaces and machine interfaces like airplane or automobile dashboards. Now the discipline has exploded, with all kinds of different areas of expertise within the fields of user experience and product management. Hopefully, this trend leads to the creation of better products for the end user.

My earliest involvement with product design and the user experience was with Adobe software and building the original version of CNN.com, both of these jobs provided a great background from well respected companies. I then worked on all kinds of different projects at web design agencies, I worked on a 3D video game, spent time in the marketing department at a cable company, and was at Yahoo for 9 years – where I learned as much as I could about Yahoo’s product strategy and user experience disciplines.

What makes an audience tune-in? This is a topic I have been exploring since working at CNN. While at Yahoo I was building and designing interactive TV apps and second screen companion apps, which made me more interested in “shared television experiences”. Since then, I have been inspired to tweet about the idea of convergence or whatever buzzword is being used for the disruption of the traditional TV experience.  This thread can be found on Twitter via the hashtags #socialTV, #socialmedia, #TVeverywhere, #secondscreen, #IPTV, #ConnectedTV or by following me @socialtvx.

I enjoy making music and music videos with my group Beyond Static. I am the bandmate that creates the website, the videos, album covers, and manages the distribution of our music online at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and a few other stores.

Recently, I have been independently consulting under my own company TminusFive.